Get Involved

Kreuzberg hilft is now a registered non-profit association – and you can become a member! Ready? All you have to do is fill out the membership form.

Since opening our donation rooms, we are receiving incredible support on a daily basis. Kreuzberg hilft is growing every day with every donation, every helping hand and every act of kindness that we plan and implement together. Each person acts voluntarily, giving their time and heart to this worthy endeavor.

Every day there is a great deal of work. In order to manage it all, we’ve established working groups to take care of individual areas. All of these areas together form Kreuzberg hilft.

We welcome support in all areas!

At Kreuzberg hilft everyone can get involved according to his or her talent, time and desire.

Donation room: helpers, drivers

***A T T E N T I O N: Unfortunately we cannot accept donations at the moment!***

Our donation room at Marannenplatz 1 requires coordinated and structured logistics. Donations must be accepted, sorted, packed and distributed in a coordinated manner. This is where we need the most support, primarily on Wednesday from 11:30 to 15:00.

We have created a shift schedule that you can find here: to Shift Schedule.

Please only sign up for a shift if you are willing and able to make a binding commitment, and indicate a time and task that is viable for you. Every kind of help is welcome! We especially appreciate drivers with cars, so that the donations can get where they need to go!

Please enter your first name and the first letter of your last name.

If you find you can no longer attend a shift, please remove your name from the list as soon as possible, so that someone else can take your shift.

For last-minute cancelations (same day) or problems with the shift schedule, please also send an email to

Someone is always on site to coordinate with helpers and donors.


Shelters in Kreuzberg

In the Kreuzberg shelters, we coordinate volunteer support on site in conjunction with the facility and professional staff.

If you are interested in translating, childcare or distributing food or clothing, you are welcome to sign up for a shift on the Volunteer Planner.


Working groups

You are also welcome to join our working groups.

Would you like to plan an activity with or for refugees? Are you looking for people to lend a hand? Do you need some other kind of support? Please contact us at

Do you manage housing or a project for refugees in Kreuzberg and occasionally need financial support or helping hands? Would you like us to help you plan a fundraiser? We’re happy to hear from you at

Are you a publicist or marketing professional who would like to support our media outreach? Would you like to report on our initiatives? Would you like to hear more about us, shoot a video about our work, write a newspaper article or a blog post? We’d love to hear from you. All media or press related matters should be addressed to

Please let us know in your initial email how you would like to help and how much time you have available. Or stop by in person at one of our information sessions (every 3rd Monday of the month at 18:30 at Bauhütte im Besselpark, Besselstraße 1). We also use our Facebook page and the Facebook group to post info about specific needs at Kreuzberg hilft and the shelters.

We look forward to hearing from you and receiving your support!