Who we are

Kreuzberg hilft is a citizen initiative that was founded in August 2015. As the saying goes, doing nothing is not an option, and our wish to provide practical help led to the formation of Kreuzberg hilft.

Since then, the group has expanded to include a wide range of volunteers. In cooperation with other initiatives and a variety of facilities, Kreuzberg hilft gathers donations, sorts them and distributes them to those in need—to the people, Berlin wide.

We use donations to buy things that are rarely donated. In the Kreuzberg shelters, we coordinate volunteer support on site in conjunction with the facility and other professionals.

In addition we organize activities, fundraisers and events with and for refugees. Kreuzberg hilft is an independent initiative. We are what we make of ourselves.

At Kreuzberg hilft, everyone has the opportunity to get involved, whether by collecting and sorting donations, volunteering as a driver and distributing the donations, working directly at Kreuzberg shelters or participating in activities with and for refugees.

Want to get involved by donating or actively pitching in? We’re looking forward to hearing from you. Find out more under Get Involved or check our Facebook page.

**We decided to deactivate the comments section, because we don’t have the resources to moderate discussions. Please send us an email. Thanks for understanding!